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Welcome to Player’s Escape! This blog is dedicated to my gaming adventures I embark upon. This can range anywhere from reviews, to hype, to just little blurbs. It’s really just a place for me to escape as talk about all the things I play. Please feel free to contribute any opinions and criticisms throughout the site! This is a place to talk and discuss games as a medium and I’d love for us all to have a great time!

Recent Adventures                                                

Nuzlocke Part 9

I enter the doors of the first member of the Elite Four. It smells like a wet meadow and the air is like a fall day. It’s nice and the young man before me is smug in confidence. I can tell he has earned his spot here. The greatest bug trainer in the entire region is before me. He is small and slim, but imposing regardless of his stature. I sense tough battles ahead of me……..                             

Other Travels                                                            

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